Adult training

Our high intensity group fitness classes are strength and conditioning classes designed to help you get fit by using functional exercises that work you hard while keeping your body safe. Each day has a different strength and conditioning workout that is aimed at targeting different movements and areas of your body. Our programs are geared toward adults who want to push hard, burn calories, gain strength, and stay safe while exercising. Our AFT instructors will work alongside with you to provide modifications based on your fitness level to keep you motivated all the way through! We ensure that our strength and conditioning class sizes are not too large to help our members create personal relationships and accountability with each other as well as our group fitness trainers.

Adult Training Classes

AF Max:

Looking for a challenge? AP Max is a 50 minute class that will allow you to build muscle and burn fat at a very high intensity. Each class follows a strict curriculum allowing members to achieve total body success

AP Training:

This is our introductory 45 minute class that incorporates multiple aspects of training to improve health and wellness at a lower intensity


This is NSP circuit style training class. Using a combination of maximum aerobic/anaerobic intensity followed by low to moderate rest. Your caloric burn goal will be surpassed in this 30 minute cardio blast

AP Strenght:

Looking to gain muscle mass or adding resistance training into your workout regimen? By using elite training principles this 30 minutes class was created to build strength and muscle

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The mission of Never Satisfied Performance is to provide a training environment where the success bar isn’t the standard it is created through elite individualized fitness training

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